The LeaderShift Conference is an inaugural project conference in partnership with LEADS Canada. This highly engaged day will bring together 200 existing and emerging leaders from addictions and mental health, team based community and primary health care and home and community support to ignite and strengthen cross-sector collaboration and advance innovation across the sector.

This is a moment of profound change in the health system and now more than ever we need leaders who have vision and confidence to collaborate and lead through change and uncertainty.  

This interactive, one-day event will focus on how to develop coalitions and transform systems by cultivating integrated service partnerships and healthcare networks. To build best leadership practices, we must learn from each other about what is already working well and apply and adapt these strategies in our own context. 

This is an opportunity to shine a light on your collaborative efforts that are making a difference to the people and communities you serve.

The LeaderShift Conference is looking for a variety of collaboration examples/projects from across sectors that touch on one or more of the community, mental health and addictions, or primary health care settings. 

If selected, you will be asked present in a panel format to share the impetus behind your collaboration, your outcomes and your lessons learned. If you are not selected, we will get in touch with you to learn more about your collaboration and share your learnings in different ways.